Ideas For A Motorcycle Birthday

Motorcycle party

Motorcycles attract both kids and adults, making this an ideal party theme. Incorporating motorcycle-themed elements throughout the party creates an entertaining environment for guests. If the guest of honor has a particular brand of motorcycle he prefers, use that as the inspiration for the party details. Does this Spark an idea?


Homemade invitations add a custom look and aren’t difficult to make. Use a rectangle of cardstock as the base for the motorcycle invitations. Dip the wheels of a toy motorcycle in black tempera paint and drive it along the edges of the cardstock to look like motorcycle tire tracks. Write the party details in the middle of the card using the tire tracks as a frame. Add a few motorcycle stickers to finish off the invitation design. When choosing colors for the invitations, keep in mind the trademark colors of the guest of honor’s favorite motorcycle manufacturer.


Choose a color scheme that goes along with the guest of honor’s favorite type of motorcycle. For example, use orange and black for a Harley-Davidson fan. Metallic silver decorations also work well to replicate the chrome look on many motorcycles. Posters of motorcycles, motorcycle toys, motorcycle tires and helmets work well when decorating the party area.


Hold a motorcycle-themed relay race as the party entertainment. Provide a helmet, goggles and a leather (or imitation leather) jacket for each team. The first player on each team puts on the motorcycle gear, runs around a cone at the opposite end of the yard and back to the starting line. She passes on the gear to the next player who repeats the process. The first team to have all players complete the task wins. If this is a children’s party, provide motorcycle-inspired tricycles for the guests to ride down to the cone and back.

A tire-rolling contest is another relay race idea. One player from each team rolls a small motorcycle tire down the yard, around the cone and back to the starting line. The remaining players repeat the process one person at a time.


A clean motorcycle toy makes an ideal topper for a motorcycle-themed cake. Ice a round or rectangular sheet cake in the party’s color scheme. Write a birthday message on the cake with icing. Place the motorcycle toy on top of the cake, pushing it into the icing slightly to hold it in place. Create a road or tire tracks by pouring a line of crushed cookies or graham crackers behind the toy motorcycle.


Temporary tattoos make an ideal party favor for the motorcycle theme. You’ll find a variety of temporary tattoos at party supply stores and in the party section of most discount stores. Other options for party favors include toy motorcycles, bandannas or items printed with a motorcycle logo, such as mugs and T-shirts.