Ideas For Decorating A Harleydavidson Room

Create a room with a Harley Davidson theme

From 1903 to today, Harley-Davidson has made motorcycles that have become part of popular culture. Riders worldwide enjoy the freedom of the open road and the camaraderie found in the many Harley owners clubs. Bring the fascination with all things Harley into your home by creating a room designed specifically with the Harley motorcycle in mind. With a wide variety of accessories available, it is easy to decorate a room with Harley merchandise and memorabilia. Does this Spark an idea?


Look to the Harley logo to provide inspiration for color in your room. While the majority of accessories are created in the basic black that is prevalent in motorcycle apparel, red, orange, tan and brown are also featured widely in many items. Consider starting with a light tan color for walls that will allow you to accessorize with many different items. Black and red pillows with splashes of gold will make excellent accent colors.

Black leather furniture accented with steel studs will work well with the clean chrome lines of a modern metal table or chair. Keep the feeling industrial by adding chrome hubcaps, gas tank covers or handlebars to the walls as art.


A widely used icon in Harley gear and accessories is the American eagle. Starting with the winged logo, look for eagle items that represent freedom to add to the room. From statues to wall art, this high-flying bird will allow your room to soar to new heights.


Flames represent speed and are widely used on Harley merchandise. Consider a black bedspread highlighted with flames and a motorcycle or flames painted or applied on a wall leading to a door or window. Go one step further and create a sunset-like scene with a flame colored sky on the wall behind a bed or sofa. Harley-Davidson replicas with flames painted on the chrome can line bookshelves


There is a great deal of Harley decorative merchandise available. Choosing the items to add to your room may be difficult. Consider carefully what you want to include. For example, go retro with old Harley posters, decals and replicas of the first motorcycles. With more than 100 years of company history and merchandise available, check the antique stores, thrift shops or even a Harley Owner’s Group rally to find authentic Harley-Davidson accessories.