Ideas For Rock N Roll Birthday Parties

Make the Rock N Roll Party rich in music and memories.

The Rock N Roll era is a great theme for a birthday party that really rocks. Use the music, the clothes and other signs of the times for inspiration. Include food items that are reminiscent of drive-ins that served burgers and hot dogs. Include decor that accentuates the theme. Hunt down lava lamps, beaded curtains and posters of 1960s artists and bands. Most of all, provide music that puts guests in the mood to let the good times rock and roll. Does this Spark an idea?

60s Music CD Invitation

Make a musical invitation by creating a CD of 1960s Rock N Roll Classics. Include California beach music classics, rhythm and blues from Motown, Elvis, the Las Vegas “Rat Pack,” and top hits from the “British Invasion” of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Design a CD label that includes the party details. Mail the CD invitation to guests, or hand deliver it in your 1960s rental car. Guests will love having a musical memoir of the party to enjoy and share after the party is over.

Rent Classic Cars and Motorcycles

If your budget permits and you live in near a large car rental agency, rent a classic car to add even more pizzazz to your 1960s party theme. Rent a classic pink Cadillac, Mustang, Pontiac GTO or Harley Davidson motorcycle. Take advantage of the rental time to ride around town and pass out party invitations. Park the vehicle in the driveway on the night of the party as a perfect signal that a Rock N Roll Party is going on. If classic vehicles aren’t readily available in your area, post an ad to structure a rental deal with owners of classic cars and bikes, or contact local auto dealers for resources. Offer vehicle owners a daily or flat fee with incentives, such as free rental of an outfit from the heyday of the rock n’ roll era to wear while they share in the party festivities. Structure rental terms that include a ride for guests in the vehicle during the party with picture-taking afterwards.

Hire a DJ

Music will make the Rock N Roll party. Hire a DJ who knows the era and knows keep guests dancing, reminiscing and enjoying the festivities. Hiring a DJ rather than making pre-recorded music allows the DJ to sense the mood of the party and select songs to keep the festivities entertaining and engaging. Contact local nightclubs for recommendations for a DJ who knows the era’s music.

Costume and Karaoke Contest

Ask guests to dress for the occasion. Provide suggestions on the invitation by including classic pictures of 1960s Rock N Roll icons. Notify guests that there will be a costume and karaoke contest. Ask them to provide an early RSVP of the artist they will represent. Give out prizes, such as CDs of music from the 1960s, coffee table books about rock n roll legends or framed posters.

Photo Thank You

If you can’t afford to hire a professional photographer for the party, encourage guests to bring their digital cameras and cell phone cameras and serve as party photographers so you can assemble as many photo memories as possible. Ask them to share their cameras with others so that no visual memory is missed. Assign someone to upload pictures to your camera before the night ends, or remind guests to send JPEGs of photos to you via e-mail. Assemble all the photos for online sharing and distribution to your guests, along with a thank-you note for making the 1960s party a success.