Identify A Tr6 Triumph Motorcycle

The Triumph TR6 motorcycle is an accepted classic and is a highly sought-out collector’s ride. Triumph introduced the model to the public in the 1950s and it gained a following. Actor Steve McQueen, a motor sports enthusiast, raced on a Triumph. The company produced this model between 1959 to 1973. The TR6 comes equipped with a 649cc overhead-valve, air-cooled parallel twin engine.


1. Read the lettering on the fuel tank of the motorcycle in question. Look for the identifying “Triumph” name badge on both sides of the tank.

2. Check under the Triumph tank at the engine. Look for the TR6 demarcation on the engine block. You may see this marked as TR6/A or TR6/B. The TR6A had the tail-pipes mounted conventionally – -where the pipes are just above the middle of the rear tire — and the TR6/B had the dual pipes mounted higher on the bike, just below the seat. They are both TR6 Triumphs.

3. Go to the front of the motorcycle and grab the headlight. The TR6 featured a removable screw-on headlight.

4. Stand in front of the motorcycle and look from the front to both sides of the TR6. The left side shows a high-level exhaust while the right shows a more empty exhaust pipe appearance, reports the Motorcycle Classics website.