Identify A Vin Code

A VIN code is a vehicle identification number that is unique to each particular car, truck, van, RV, trailer, boat, motorcycle or other motorized vehicle. Law enforcement agencies and insurance companies use VIN codes to verify which vehicles were involved in crashes. Repair shops use VIN codes to keep individual, international, computerized vehicle-repair records. Dealers must identify vehicles they sell with VIN codes. Shipping companies must enter VIN codes on their shipping manifest lists whenever they ship vehicles.


1. Locate the VIN code on the vehicle. Look on the dashboard or on the end of the open driver’s side door. Kawasaki explains you can find the VIN code on the steering head of motorcycles, on the lower frame tube of ATVs, and on the frame in front of the seat of MULE utility vehicles.

2. Look for a number that is stamped onto a flat piece of metal which is fastened to the vehicle with screws.

3. Count the digits in the number you find. Vehicles built after 1981 must have VIN codes of 17 digits. Vehicles built before 1981 can have VIN codes varying from 4 to 14 digits.