Import A Brandnew Harley Into Australia

Import your Harley into Australia using a respected shipping company.

Importing a brand-new Harley-Davidson from the United States–or nearly any other country, for that matter–to Australia can be done as long as the bike meets Australia’s road safety regulations, Australian Design Rules and various importation standards. Shipping a Harley is a very expensive process. It requires several steps that must be taken in order for the bike to actually enter the country. Make sure that you have met all of the criteria and filled out all of the necessary documentation before you pay to ship your bike.


1. Make sure that your Harley-Davidson meets the certification requirements as outlined by the Australian Government Department of Infrastructure, according to their standards on new vehicles, which differ from those of used vehicles. When filling out all paperwork, specify that your Harley is new.

2. Ask for and receive a statement of compliance from an authorized representative of Harley-Davidson, such as your local Harley-Davidson dealership. This includes an official letter–on official company letterhead–that lists the standards for which your bike is certified. The cover letter and the statement must be signed by the authorized manufacturer representative. Keep the original documents to present to an Australian entry certifier, as copies will not suffice.

3. Review the requirements listed online by the official Australian Department of Infrastructure website with regard to importing new vehicles. There will be requirements regarding the bike’s condition, class, certification and road worthiness. Make sure that the specifications listed on your statement of compliance meet the requirements outlined by the Australian government. Prove that you are the owner of your Harley using a bank note or title.

4. Hire a shipping company based on their reputation and cost. Find a company that can ship your bike within your budget. You can receive quotes from international shipping companies online.

5. Contact an official entry certifying company that is registered and recognized by the Australian government‘s Department of Infrastructure. The entry certifier is responsible for completing entry certification inspections upon your Harley’s arrival. Set up an inspection with the company and ask them any questions you may have about the shipping process.

6. Pass customs and security checks upon arrival in Australia. Make sure your documentation is in order regarding biosecurity checks and customs requirements. After passing customs, take your bike to the entry certifier to receive an inspection and, upon passing, your certification. Register your Harley with the Australian government to complete the importing process.