Import From A Sony Handycam Mini Dv To Imovie

The Sony Handycam weighs only 6.7 oz.

The Sony Handycam Mini DV can record video with 1080i HD resolution, connect directly to an HDMI television and auto-stabilize shaky footage. You can import video from your Sony Handycam camcorder by connecting the device to your Mac via the USB cable. The iMovie app will automatically connect to the device once you open the program. You will be able to transfer all clips from your camera to the program. Starting the video import process takes only a few minutes to complete.


1. Insert the mini USB data cable in the right slot on the camcorder. The USB slot sits in a row of other output jacks on the camera’s right side. Insert the other end of the USB cable into an open USB port on your computer.

2. Locate the camera mode switch on the top of the camera. This circular shape moves the camera between recording and playback mode. Turn the switch toward the “Play/Edit.” position. Press and hold the rewind button on the left side of camera to rewind the Mini DV tape to the beginning.

3. Turn on your Mac computer. Open the iMovie program. The program will automatically detect the Sony Handycam device. The import window appears showing all the video footage on the tape. Click the “Import All” button.

4. Navigate the browser window that appears and choose a computer folder to save this video footage. Click the “OK” button. The video footage will appear in the clip bin of iMovie once it has finished importing.