Import Harley Davidson Motorcycles To New Zealand

You can import a Harley Davidson motorcycle to New Zealand by working with an entry certifier.

You can import a Harley Davidson Motorcycle from the United States or another country to New Zealand as long as it meets New Zealand’s regulations for road safety. Shipping a motorcycle to New Zealand is expensive, so it’s important to make sure your bike meets all of New Zealand’s importation standards and also to make sure that you have all the proper documentation so your bike doesn’t get turned away at the border.


1. You can import a new or used Harley Davidson motorcycle to New Zealand. The certification requirements differ between new and used bikes, so be sure to specify new or used when researching laws and filling out paperwork.

2. Get a Statement of Compliance. You need to have a Statement of Compliance from an authorized representative of the manufacturer before bringing a motorcycle into New Zealand. This is often your local Harley Davidson dealer. A Statement of Compliance is an official letter listing the standards for which the motorcycle is certified. It must have a cover letter on company letterhead, and the authorized representative must sign both the cover letter and the statement. You will need the original documents to present to the entry certifier in New Zealand.

3. Identify the Requirements for Your Motorcycle. New Zealand’s official government website lists the requirements for imported motorcycles based on the bike’s age, class, condition, certification and roadworthiness. This is where you need to specify whether the bike is new or used because the requirements are different.

4. Prove Your Harley Meets the Requirements. Review the requirements for new or used motorcycles on New Zealand’s website. You should be able to compare the standards with those on your Statement of Compliance. You will also need a to prove ownership of the vehicle with a title or bank note.

5. Hire a Shipping Company. You can get quotes for shipping a motorcycle overseas from companies online. Find the one that meets all your needs and is within your budget.

6. Contact an Entry Certifier. New Zealand’s Transport Agency lists four official entry certifying companies on its website. These companies are authorized to complete entry certification inspections on your Harley when it arrives. You can set up an inspection and ask any questions about the importing process with an entry certifier.

7. Pass Customs and Security. Your Harley will need to pass a biosecurity check and customs checks when it comes into New Zealand. Make sure you have all your documentation for these processes.

8. Have Your Harley Davidson Certified. Once your motorcycle arrives, take it to the entry certifier to inspect it. Once it’s certified you can register it in New Zealand.