Import Hd Media Onto An Sd Dvd Sp

You can burn HD video content to a standard-definition DVD.

Full high-definition video has over twice the resolution of standard definition video content. This is one of the many reasons why HD video is typically stored on a blu-ray disc. Of course, you can import HD media onto a standard-definition DVD using the SP format, which is the highest quality format for SD DVDs, but the down side is the video is down-converted to an SD format.


1. Insert the blank DVD into the DVD burner of your computer, then close out the AutoPlay window that loads onto the screen.

2. Launch the DVD burner software installed on the computer. Typically this is Roxio, ULead DVD or Nero DVD.

3. Select “Video DVD” as the format you want to create, then choose “Add Files”. Select the HD media file you want to place on the DVD and click “Ok”. Most DVDs are able to hold up to 4.7 gigabytes worth of data, so make sure the media is smaller than this. To check this, locate the file on the hard drive, right-click it and choose “Properties”.

4. Repeat the import process with any of the HD media you want on the SD DVD SP and click “Burn” to write the data to the DVD.