Import Pictures Into Imovie

Mac OS X v10.6.3 or later is required to use iLife ’11.

iMovie is Apple’s consumer-level desktop video editing program, included in the iLife suite of software with iPhoto, iTunes, GarageBand, iWeb and iDVD. Their ease of use and integration between the programs have made it possible for amateur videographers to quickly edit video and add digital photos and music into their iMovie project.


1. Open the iMovie project to which you want to add photos. Alternately, click on the iMovie icon from your dock or “Applications” folder to open the iMovie application. Select “New Event” from the “File” menu.

2. Locate the “Photos” button underneath the Viewer Window on the right side of the project window. It is indicated by a camera icon. Wait for your iPhoto library to open. Click on the iPhoto dropdown menu to locate specific photo albums or folders.

3. Click on the photo you want to add to your iMovie project. Drag the thumbnail of the photo from the iPhoto pane to your iMovie Project Library window, which is located in the upper left corner of the project window. iMovie creates a still for the photo with a default length of four seconds in the timeline.

4. Double click on the photo in the Project Library to bring up “Inspector.” Change the duration of the still or add a video effect in this window.