Improve The Clarity Of My Background Wallpaper For My Computer

The Windows wallpaper is a decorative background that enhances the look of your desktop. You can get wallpapers in a variety of styles, colors and designs depending on your interests. A wallpaper sits behind your desktop icons. Desktop wallpapers are only as clear as the settings used to display them. If your desktop wallpaper appears to have low resolution and is somewhat blurry, a few display setting tweaks will improve the display.


1. Right-click the desktop and click “Properties.” Click the “Settings” tab on the display properties window.

2. Select the highest color bit setting under “Color quality.” Higher quality settings such as 32-bit give your images more depth and richer color sets.

3. Drag the slider under “Screen resolution” to the highest resolution setting. Higher resolution settings sharpen the images and make them clearer. Check your monitor’s maximum resolution if you are unsure what resolution setting to select.

4. Click the “Desktop” tab and select your wallpaper from the “Background” window. Click “OK” to save the changes.