Improve The Fit Of High Volume Boots

High volume boots are a kind of boot designed for individuals with wide, flat feet. The problem with this kind of boot is that every person’s feet are different. Although a person may need some of the high volume features, they may not need all of them. Making small changes to the boot will improve its overall fit and make it work for each individual person. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Make sure you actually need high volume boots. High volume boots are designed for individuals that have a high instep, wide heels, wide toes and a somewhat flat arch. If your feet do not have these features, they will not fit well inside high volume boots. Even if the shoes are slightly too big, however, you can make them fit better with different techniques.

2. Put the boots on with the socks that you normally wear with the boots. Check the fit. Do the boots feel too large or too snug? There are different fitting techniques for each problem. Check to see if your feet feel scrunched against the heel or toe bed and if the level of instep support is comfortable. Make note of any area where you feel discomfort.

3. Adjust the boot to make it larger if it feels too tight in any way. Fill a plastic bag with water and slide it inside the boot. Place the boot outside in freezing weather, or in the freezer wrapped in another plastic bag. Allow the bag to freeze overnight. The next day thaw the ice inside the boot. The process of freezing the bag inside the boot will slightly expand the inside of the boot.

4. Wear slightly thinner socks if the boots feel too tight. Make sure that the issue is not that you need a bigger shoe size. If you have not bought a new pair of boots in several years, it is possible that your foot size has changed and you need to replace the boots with a different size.

5. If the boot feels too big, place a thick insole in the bottom of the boot. A thick insole will take up some of the space inside the boot, making it fit snugly. Add a heel spacer to the back of the boots to push your foot toward the front of the shoe. This will also take up some of the extra space.

6. Wear thick socks if you need a little less space inside the shoe. The thick socks will contour to the shape of your foot and the inside of the boot acting as an insulating buffer layer that will improve the fit of the boot.