In Memory Of Tattoo Ideas

In Memory of Tattoo Ideas

Memorial tattoos are a very personal and permanent way to commemorate the life of someone special. A lot of thought and design goes into making it special; as with any tattoo, it will be etched forever on the skin and it needs to be nearly perfect. There are several ways to design a memorial tattoo; a tattoo artist can help with planning and design.

Portrait Tattoos

Portrait tattoos ink a likeness of a person on to the skin, usually drawn from a favorite photo. This is arguably the most personal memorial tattoo because it allows the wearer to always see their loved one’s face. This is also one of the hardest tattoos to pull off. Tattoo ink is a tricky medium that requires careful application when shading and drawing lines; there is no room for error. A second-rate tattoo artist can easily botch a face and make it unrecognizable or, even worse, a gruesome caricature of the deceased. Also, time will take its toll on the skin and the tattoo will fade and stretch; colors will fade unless they are redone.

Symbolic Tattoos

Symbolic memorials allow a person to commemorate a life without the risk of a weird face on their arm. The tattoo bearer picks something that symbolizes the life of their loved one. A child, for example, might be represented by a teddy bear or a favorite toy; a wife by a butterfly or rose; a husband fond of hunting could be represented by a deer head. If there’s no specific symbol that represents a person, pick a special place that you enjoyed together. It could be the site of a marriage proposal or an unforgettable vacation.

Word Tattoos

Words are probably the cheapest and easiest memorial tattoos. They don’t require expensive color ink and the only risk is a misspelled word. The most basic would be similar to a tombstone: the person’s name and their birth and death years. Compliment the tattoo with a phrase such as “in loving memory” or “you’ll always be missed.” It doesn’t have to be that simple, though. Tattoo a saying or catch-phrase that the deceased liked to use or a famous saying that sums up the deceased’s personality.