Increase Photo Size Without Losing Clarity

Photographs often need to be re-sized for use within a magazine, on a website, or even just to print. Changing the sizes of images in many programs which are not designed for image manipulation can reduce the picture quality dramatically. This can lead to pixelated images. Programs such as Photoshop, can allow you to increase the size of a photo, without losing the clarity of the image. This can be done by an individual with very little, or no knowledge of the program.


1. Locate the photo on your computer. Make sure that the file is a JPEG, or another file type that is appropriate for use with Photoshop. Right click on the file. Select ”Open With”, then ”Photoshop”. The image will be opened in Photoshop.

2. Left click ”Image”, then ”Image Size…”. A box showing the current size of the image will appear. Ensure Bicubic is selected in the Resample Image box.

3. Increase the size of the document by clicking on the Width and Length boxes and altering the numerical values accordingly. The pixel dimensions at the top of the box will also change accordingly, meaning that the image will retain the same resolution.