Increase The Horsepower On A Dyna Wide Glide

Numerous parts are available to increase power in the Wide Glide

The Harley-Davidson Wide Glide, one of Harley’s most popular motorcycles, comes from the factory sporting 92 foot-pounds of torque. If this isn’t quite enough, and you want to squeeze a bit more juice out of the 96 cubic-inch engine, then there are a host of Screamin’ Eagle performance parts manufactured by Harley Davidson which can beef up the power of your Wide Glide without voiding the new bike warranty.


1. Remove the stock Harley Davidson exhaust and install the Screaming Eagle high flow exhaust. These are slip-on mufflers, so remove only the exhaust from the seat back using a socket set. The Screamin’ Eagle mufflers slide into place and attach with the same hardware.

2. Remove the stock air filter and replace with the high-flow air filter. Use a screwdriver to loosen the retaining ring of the old part. The new filter installs using the same hardware as the old.

3. Install the fuel injection tuner by first removing the motorcycle’s seat. Locate the motorcycle computer and plug the connector into the data port provided on the side of the motorcycle electronic control unit.