Inexpensive Harleydavidson Gifts

Shop around for inexpensive Harley-Davidson gifts.

If you have a friend who owns a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, then you might want to give him a Harley-themed gift for a birthday or special occasion. The problem is, many Harley-Davidson items can be quite expensive. Cut down on costs by shopping around, taking advantage of sales and selecting small gifts that fit within your budget.


Purchase a Harley-Davidson decal from an online vendor or an official Harley-Davidson store. These decals and stickers can be put on vehicles, motorcycles, books, binders and other items. This is a simple and inexpensive way to display one’s Harley pride.


While Harley-Davidson apparel–such as motorcycle jackets–can be pricey, a Harley Davidson ball cap is fairly economical. Select a hat that is in the style and color you know the gift recipient likes to wear. Purchase the hat from an official Harley store to ensure the authenticity of the product.

Model Harley

For the Harley-Davidson collector, a model motorcycle may be an appreciated gift. Die-cast models are much cheaper than the full-size Harley and come in a variety of styles and sizes. If your friend is a serious collector, then select a model he does not have. If your budget allows, purchase a glass display case to make the model look more impressive when displayed in your friend‘s home.


When the rain pours, your friend can still show his Harley loyalty with a traditional black and orange umbrella that features the Harley-Davidson symbol.