Infinite Ammo Cheats For Resident Evil 4 For Gamecube

Resident Evil 4″ for the Nintendo GameCube features three weapon cheats that allow you to have infinite ammunition. These include the Chicago Typewriter, the Handcannon and the Infinite Launcher. All of these weapons must be unlocked by completing certain requirements within the game. To have infinite ammunition for all of your weapons, you must use an Action Replay device.

Infinite Launcher

You can unlock the Infinite Launcher by completing your first play-through of the main game. You must purchase the Infinite Launcher from the merchant during your second play-through for 1 million ptas. The Infinite Launcher fires slowly but has the highest firepower out of any weapon. All enemies, including bosses, can be defeated with one shot from the Infinite Launcher.

Chicago Typewriter

Unlock the Chicago Typewriter by completing the side mission “Assignment Ada,” which is available after you complete your first play-through. Like the Infinite Launcher, the Chicago Typewriter can be obtained from the merchant for 1 million ptas during the second play-through. The Chicago Typewriter is a .45-caliber Thompson machine gun that allows you to fire rapidly without ever having to reload.


Unlock the Handcannon by getting a five-star rating on every level with all six characters in the side game “The Mercenaries,” which is available after you complete your first play-through. The Handcannon must also be obtained from the merchant during the second play-through; however, it is free. The Handcannon gains infinite ammunition only after the merchant upgrades it to the “exclusive” level, which costs 790,000 ptas. The Handcannon is a .50-caliber Magnum capable of eliminating most enemies, including bosses, in one shot.

Action Replay

You can use an Action Replay device for the Nintendo GameCube to gain infinite ammunition for all of your weapons in “Resident Evil 4.” Insert the Action Replay into your GameCube and select “Enter Code.” You must input the Master code and the Infinite Ammo code.

Master: VMVR-G7J9-19KQQ


Infinite Ammo: U359-REQE-JY2EZ


Now when you start or load a game of “Resident Evil 4,” all of your weapons will not lose ammunition when fired. The Action Replay for the Nintendo GameCube is available at many gaming retailers.