Information On Motorcycle Seat Cushions

Motorcycle seat cushions are available as removable pads in a variety of designs and shapes. Riders seeking relief from butt ache can also select from cushions made of different materials. Butt pads are a more affordable alternative to custom-made seats.


Sheepskin pads stay cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. They breathe, they’re washable, and they’re available in different colors and sizes, according to Jamie Elvidge, writer for Motorcycle Cruiser. Choose a pad that’s easily adjustable.

Gel Pads

Fabric cushions with a polymer gel pad inside can be cooled or heated before a ride. Look for one that is easily removable. The problems with gel pads are that they don’t breathe that well and can be rather heavy.

Additional Information

At the top end of motorcycle cushions is the Airhawk, which costs a few hundred dollars. It consists of air-filled cells made of neoprene and has a valve that allows the rider to inflate and deflate the pad. The Airhawk breathes, is waterproof and has a two-year warranty. The wood bead pad is at the other end of the spectrum, costing under $20. Still, it allows air to circulate and has a massaging effect.