Information On Power Wheel Toy Cars

Help kids explore their world with a Power Wheel.

Power Wheels were originally created in 1971 by San Francisco based company, Kransco. By the year 1990, the company was selling over 1 million Power Wheels each year. Mattel entered in 1994 to purchase the line and make it part of the Fisher-Price brand. Mattel manufactures these from their facilities in East Aurora, New York. Almost 40 years after the original release there have been over 25 million Power Wheels sold.

Power Wheels

The term “Power Wheels” is a brand name that has come to Mattel through the purchasing and selling of the original company, Pines of America. Through the various companies that have owned it, the name has stayed the same. Fisher-Price currently manufactures these battery operated vehicles that mimic real cars and supply endless hours of entertainment for children.


Since the releasing the first Power Wheel, Fisher-Price has sold over 100 different types of vehicles. The latest lines include pint-sized mustangs in red or pink, Lightning McQueen, a Cadillac Escalade and an ATV. In 1999, Fisher-Price released its first motorcycle, the Harley Davidson Rocker trike. For younger children there are trikes with sounds and lights that require the children to pedal.


While parents should make the actual decision, the company suggests these types of toys for ages 12 months to 7 years old. For ages 1 to 2 and up to 40 lbs., the vehicles only travel forward at a maximum of 2 mph. For 2 to 6 years or from 65 to 130 lbs. the vehicles can travel from 2.5 to 5 mph forwards and some can go 2.5 mph in reverse.


Each vehicle has different features that are unique to the specific vehicle. However, most of them have the same basic features. These include hoods that open and close, FM radios, doors that open and close, working lights, chrome wheels, cup holders, seat belts, secret storage compartments, rear spoilers, moving gauges and working tailgates.


While the purpose of these vehicles is for kids to move and explore their environments, Mattel and Fisher-Price have always been concerned about safety. In 1991, Fisher-Price released its first recall for the Porsche 911. In 1998, Fisher-Price recalled about 10 million units that had been manufactured in the previous 14 years due to faulty wiring. Each vehicle comes equipped with safety features designed with the particular vehicle in mind. The Harley Davidson has four wheels to make it more steady for young riders and the vehicles that can go faster have a speed lock that keeps it on the lower speed.