Install A 1tb Hard Drive

Install a 1Tb hard drive in your computer to increase storage space

One terabyte (1 Tb) is over 1,000 gigabytes, so upgrading your computer‘s memory to a terabyte is a massive increase in memory that will allow you to store many saved files on your computer. With a terabyte of memory on your computer‘s hard drive, you will be able to store hundreds of video files, hundreds of thousands of songs and an unthinkable amount of pictures and documents. It’s not common to find such a significant upgrade that you can do yourself.


1. Unplug the computer. Installing a hard drive requires opening up the computer and reaching inside, so unplugging the computer will keep you from getting shocked and minimize the chances of damaging the computer.

2. Loosen the security screw on the back of the computer. The security screw is a large screw that you can grab to hand loosen. If the screw is too tight, use a flat head screwdriver to loosen it. Don’t worry about completely removing the screw as it is made to stay connected to the computer casing so it doesn’t get lost.

3. Pull the side plate back. The security screw holds the side plate in place, so with the screw loosened, you will be able to push in on the plate and pull it back to expose the inside of the computer.

4. Grab the computer’s face plate and wiggle it around to get a feel for where the security snaps are located. Gently pull the face plate away from the computer being careful not to break any of the snaps.

5. Insert the 1Tb hard drive through the front of the computer into an empty hard drive slot. Push the hard drive back until you hear a click. Wiggle the hard drive to ensure it is locked into place.

6. Plug the power cable and IDE cable into the hard drive. Both of these cables will already be installed and free to use in the computer. The power cable is the smaller box shaped cable and the IDE is the longer rectangular one.

7. Reconnect the face plate, side plate, and tighten the security screw. Plug in the computer and start it up.