Install A 2003 Harley Davidson Road King Saddlebag

A saddlebag offers storage space with a customized look for a motorcycle.

The 2003 Harley Davidson Road King does not come with a stock saddlebag, but you have the option to install the saddlebag yourself. The Harley-Davidson saddlebag is available in hard shell and soft leather. Both styles are primarily installed using the same method. Although the hard shell version furnishes protection and security, the soft leather edition offers more flexibility.


1. Install a guardrail to support the saddlebag if desired. Two types of nostalgic guard rails are available. One kind is more round behind the saddlebag than the other kind. The more squared look is for hard shell saddlebags, and the rounder style is for soft saddlebags and leather-covered hard saddlebags. Install the guardrail using instructions provided with the saddlebag support kit.

2. Clean the fender bolt area, which is along the rear fender. This will aid in protecting the area from scratches and other imperfections that may be caused by dirt and other debris.

3. Hold the saddlebag in the proper position against the side of the rear fender. Place it level and in the center of the fender.

4. Mark the mounting holes in the saddlebag onto the fender.

5. Drill holes in the fender where you made marks.

6. Place bolts through the back of the fender. Ensure bolt heads are between the fender and the tire.

7. Place the saddlebag onto the bolts.

8. Tighten the bolts slowly using a wrench.

9. Test the saddlebag’s installation. Take a drive that includes several stops to ensure fittings and bolts remain secure.