Install A 2006 Gsxr600 Power Commander

Suzuki’s 2006 GSX-R600 has been praised for its lightweight frame and a powerful motor, making it an outstanding competitor in the hotly-contested 600cc motorcycle class. Although a bone-stock GSX-R600 is already a competent machine, many sport-minded riders choose to enhance its performance through the addition of a Power Commander fuel-injection controller unit, allowing the rider to fine-tune the fuel system for increased power. While most GSX-R owners may opt to have the unit installed by their local Suzuki dealership, you can install a Power Commander yourself relatively easily using only basic tools without any added expense.


1. Lift the sides of the rider’s seat near the fuel tank up to reveal the seat mounting bolts. Unscrew both bolts using a 6 mm Allen wrench. Lift the front of the seat up then pull it towards the fuel tank until it can be removed completely from the motorcycle.

2. Insert the ignition key into the seat lock on the left side of the tail fairing and twist it clockwise to unlock the passenger seat. Pull the passenger seat away from the motorcycle. Remove the fuel tank support rod from the tool kit housed in the tail fairing’s storage compartment.

3. Unscrew the bolt from the battery’s negative terminal using a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the negative wiring lead away from the battery.

4. Unscrew the bolt securing the front of the fuel tank to the frame using a 6 mm Allen wrench. Lift the front of the fuel tank up and hold it in place. Insert the hooked end of the support rod into the tank’s mounting bolt hole and the other end against the bottom of the fuel tank.

5. Unplug all of the hoses and wiring connectors on the top of the air box, located directly between the frame rails under the fuel tank. Unscrew the air box mounting bolt near the base of the fuel tank using a 4 mm Allen wrench. Pull the rubber plugs out of the sides of the frame rails. Insert a long Phillips screwdriver into the holes on the side of the frame rails and unscrew the air box’s hose clamps. Pull the air box off of the throttle bodies and away from the motorcycle.

6. Lay the Power Commander unit in the tail fairing’s storage compartment. Push the Power Commander’s wiring harness under the tail fairing towards the motor. Unplug the set of four connectors on the bottom of the throttle bodies. Plug the connectors on the Power Commander’s wiring harness into the throttle bodies, then connect the original connectors to the back of the Power Commander‘s connectors.

7. Unplug the throttle position sensor from the wiring connector on the right side of the throttle bodies. Using a T-tap wiring connector, connect the gray wire from the Power Commander’s wiring harness to the pink wire on the throttle position sensor’s wiring connector. Reconnect the throttle position sensor to its connector.

8. Secure the Power Commander unit to the tail fairing’s storage compartment using the strip of Velcro included with the unit. Connect the black wire from the Power Commander’s wiring harness to the motorcycle’s negative wiring lead using the battery’s terminal bolt. Screw the terminal bolt onto the battery’s negative terminal.

9. Reassemble the motorcycle following the reverse method of removal.