Install A Center Stand

Center stand lifts are a safe and useful tool when used properly.

A center stand is useful when cleaning the wheels on a motorcycle or if you need to keep the bike upright to check the oil. It allows a person to easily raise the front or rear wheel while cleaning or for service. You can install a center stand on a motorcycle using common tools, and it only takes about 30 minutes.


1. Remove the hourglass-shaped reinforcing plate from the center stand. Lay it down on the right side of the motorcycle. Locate the hourglass-shaped crossmember. Clean off all dirt and gravel on the top side of the crossmember. If you see a wire connector located on top of the crossmember beside the right frame, push it forward to unhook it from the tab on the crossmember. Some motorcycles have this wire but others do not.

2. Loosen the pivot nuts on the center stand using a 9/16-inch wrench. Rotate the upper hinge brackets approximately 30 degrees past parallel with the center stand. Make sure to tighten the nut enough to hold the hinge bracket in place.

3. Slide the center stand under the motorcycle. The hinge brackets should go over the top of the frame crossmember. Slide the stand as far forward as you can. Center the bolt holes from left to right on the large holes in the crossmember.

4. Install the reinforcing plate using the washers and bolts included with the center stand. The plate has a slight “V” shape bend that runs down its length, and the point of the “V” points downward, facing the ground. Make sure the center stand hinge brackets are as far forward as they can go and centered between the frame rails. Tighten all bolts.

5. Loosen the two 6/16-inch pivot nuts. Check that the stand pivots up and down freely. If it does not, loosen the mounting bolts and make adjustments to the hinge brackets until it does. When it pivots up and down freely, tighten the mounting bolts.

6. Remove the 9/16-inch nut completely and remove the four washers on the studs. Reinstall the washers with the smaller holes. Reinstall and tighten the pivot nuts.