Install A Flat Screen Tv On A Brick Wall

A brick wall is actually a very good place to install a flat screen TV. Brick is sturdier and can support more weight than a standard drywall, making the mounting much more secure. The only difficulty is drilling the holes properly and disguising the presence of the power cord. Beyond that, the process itself can be accomplished with just a little know how.


1. Determine the ideal location for your flat screen TV. It should be positioned so that you can look at it comfortably when sitting down. Note any windows or light sources nearby which may cause glare, and make sure you have enough space between the TV and your viewing location to watch it comfortably. Experts suggest you sit from 2 to 3 times the diagonal length of the TV for the best viewing experience. (So for a 40-inch TV, you should sit between 80 and 100 inches away.)

2. Set the first piece of the mount against the wall where you want the TV to go. Use a carpenter’s level to make sure it’s parallel to the floor, then use a piece of chalk to note where the mounting screws need to go.

3. Drill holes for the mounting screws in the positions you have marked using a drill with a masonry bit. Fit mounting anchors into the holes to provide a more secure grip. (The TV mount may come with its own anchors to use. Otherwise, #8 plastic mounting anchors should support a good 300 lbs when mounted to a brick wall.)

4. Fit the first part of the mount in position and secure it to the wall by screwing the lagscrews into the anchors. When you are finished, test the mount by giving it a few gentle tugs. It shouldn’t move at all.

5. Lay down some padding on the floor–old towels or a comforter will do–and place the flat screen TV on top of it, rear side up.

6. Screw the second piece of the TV mount onto the back of the TV. It should have housings which match the positions on the mounts. Double-check your screws to ensure that the mount piece doesn’t slip or wobble.

7. Lift the TV up to the wall and fit it over the first part of the wall mount. The two halves should click together. The lock them using the locking mechanism provided with the mount. Recheck it when you’re done to make sure it is holding.

8. Run the power cord and cable wires through a wire tube matching the tone of the brick wall, then mount the tubing on the wall between the TV and the floor. Most wire tubes can be attached to the wall with adhesive. Use super glue for those which don’t. You can buy plastic or metal tubes which reflect the brick’s basic color, or spray paint it to match the color exactly.