Install A Fork Bag On A Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Install a Fork Bag on a Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Providing a convenient place to carry tools and other small belongings, fork bags have been a common addition to Harley-Davidson’s motorcycles over the decades. Extremely versatile, these small bags can be mounted in a variety of places, including the front fork, handlebars and even on the back of the passenger backrest. Fork bags are extremely simple to mount, but require some thought in finding a location that prevents the bag from rubbing against the fender and other components.


1. Loosen the fork bag’s mounting straps on the back of the bag, and select an area on the front fork to strap the bag onto. The straps will be fastened by either a buckle or hook-and-loop system.

2. Clean the surface of the mounting location with a high-quality spray cleaner, and wipe dry with a clean microfiber cloth.

3. Hold the fork bag against the front fork. Wrap the bag’s mounting straps around each fork tube and tighten the straps securely.