Install A Harley Air Cleaner Insert

Harley-Davidson builds motorcycles with a reputation for self-expression. Everything from the paint, exhaust and many finer details can be modified to fit your tastes. Your air filter cover is one of the many smaller aspects that can benefit from an easy makeover. If you plan on replacing the insert with a custom-made insert, or if you will be choosing from one of the many designs offered by the Harley-Davidson Motor Co., installation is a simple process.


1. Unscrew the air cleaner cover screws, and gently lift off the cover.

2. Carefully remove the original cover insert.

3. Clean the inner rim of the cover with a mixture of alcohol and distilled water. This will remove any remaining adhesive and debris.

4. Remove the paper liner from the adhesive backing on your new air cleaner insert, and place the insert into the air cleaner cover. Be careful not to adhere the insert to the cover at this time.

5. Align the top of the insert with the top of the cover.

6. Place the insert onto the cover, pressing firmly along the entire insert for 30 seconds. Allow the adhesive to cure for 20 minutes.

7. Reinstall the air cleaner cover on the motorcycle. Apply a drop of blue Loctite 243 on the threads of each screw before tightening.