Install A Harley Davidson Motorcycle Seat

Most Harley-Davidson seats are mounted using a tab and slot arrangement.

Whether your are replacing your Haley-Davidson’s stock seat with an aftermarket seat or simply removing the seat for maintenance, installing the seat onto the motorcycle can be tricky. The seat on most Harley-Davidson models is secured to the frame using a set of catch tabs on the front of the seat. Likewise, the rear of the seat is bolted onto the rear fender with a thumb screw. This arrangement results in a tool-free and nearly effortless removal and installation of the seat.


1. Slip the catch tabs on the front of the seat into the slots on the frame, just below the base of the gas tank. Once inserted, the front of the seat should not be able to move from side to side.

2. Lower the rear of the seat onto the motorcycle’s frame and gently push the entire seat forward. Press downward on the rear of the seat to bring the seat’s mounting tab closer to the rear fender.

3. Insert the thumb screw into the seat’s mounting bracket and the hole on the rear fender. Tighten the thumb screw, using a flat screwdriver if necessary, to secure the seat to the motorcycle.

4. Shake the seat from side to side ensure that it is secured. If the seat is loose, check that the catch tabs are completely inserted into the frame’s slots and that the thumb screw is completely tightened.