Install A Harley Hypercharger

The Kuryakyn Hypercharger is a high-flow air cleaner designed to look like a velocity stack or a supercharger. Trap doors on the front of the air cleaner open and close as you open and close the throttle. You will have less leg room with the Hypercharger installed on your Harley than with a stock air cleaner. But even detractors agree that the Hypercharger is a beautiful accessory. Kuryakyn claims that the Hypercharger will add seven horsepower to your Harley over a stock air cleaner.


1. Remove your air cleaner cover with an Allen wrench.

2. Remove the air cleaner assembly with Torx sockets or drivers. Remove the breather tubes by hand. Remove the air cleaner backing plate with a socket wrench and hex socket.

3. Close the petcock. Start your Harley and run it until the carburetor is out of gas.

4. Mark the throttle cables with masking tape and disconnect them from the throttle cam. Disconnect the fuel line where it enters the carburetor. Disconnect the enricher from the left side of the Harley.

5. Pull the carburetor from the black rubber exhaust manifold boot by hand.

6. Cut a 1-1/2-inch section of vacuum hose from the hose included with your Hypercharger kit. Assemble the vacuum T included with your kit to form a vacuum line assembly, which will replace your original breather tubes.

7. Install the vacuum hose assembly on your carburetor as shown in your Hypercharger kit.

8. Reinstall the carburetor in the intake manifold boot. Reconnect the throttle cables and the fuel line. Reconnect the enricher to the left side of the motorcycle.

9. Attach the chrome carburetor support bracket to the mouth of the carburetor with the hollow bolts and cup washer included in the kit. Sandwich the intake gasket between the carburetor and the support bracket and tighten the bolts.

10. Assemble the rubber boot assembly included with your Hypercharger as shown in the kit. Snap the breather boots in the assembly over the cup washers.

11. Remove the round trap door in the Hypercharger with a 1/8-inch Allen wrench. Insert three 1/4-inch socket head cap screws through the mounting holes in the Hypercharger from the inside. Remove the adhesive backing from one of the intake gaskets and place it over the three mounting screws.

12. Sandwich the intake gasket between the breather manifold and support bracket. Position the Hypercharger over the breather manifold and bolt the Hypercharger securely to the carburetor support bracket/ breather manifold assembly.

13. Replace the trap door and gasket.

14. Plug the vacuum hose assembly into the vacuum pod air jet on the back of the Hypercharger.