Install A Harley Rocker Ecm

Harley designed and manufactures the Rocker.

The FXCW Rocker delivers, according to the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, “custom-chopper style with Harley-Davidson quality and innovation, with features like the tire-hugging Rockertail rear section.” Unfortunately, unless you build your custom chopper yourself, sometimes style and innovation conflict with functionality. For example, it might seem like a simple job to install a new Electronic Control Module. But before he can install a new ECM, the owner must first wrestle the innovative Rockertail rear into submission. There are a few steps that will help you access the Rocker’s electronic caddy and install an ECM.


1. Lift the rear of the Rocker seat and pull up and back. Remove the two exposed Allen bolts just behind the gas tank with an Allen wrench. Remove the seat.

2. Remove the four Torx bolts, two on each side of the bike, that secure the seat support assembly to the motorcycle chassis with a socket wrench and Torx socket. Remove the seat support assembly.

3. Loosen the four hex head bolts that secure the black, plastic, guard under the seat assembly with a socket wrench and hex socket. Remove the guard.

4. Disconnect the rear wiring harness connector halves.

5. Remove the lower fender mounting bolts and washers with a socket wrench and Torx socket. Remove the upper fender mounting screws and washers with a Torx socket. Remove the rear fender.

6. Remove the harness clipped to the right side of the electrical compartment splash guard just forward of the rear wheel. Remove the two hex head bolts and washers that secure the splash guard to the chassis. Remove the splash guard.

7. Remove the two bolts that secure the electrical compartment cover to the electrical compartment body with an open end wrench. Locate the ECM next to a fuse marked “40.”

8. Unplug the ECM from its pigtail connection to the wiring harness. Remove the ECM and install the new ECM.

9. Reinstall the electrical compartment cover, the splash guard and the rear fender. Reconnect the rear wiring harness connector halves. Reinstall the seat support assembly guard, the seat support assembly and the seat.