Install A Harley Solenoid Cover

Harley-Davidson uses the Nippon-Denso (ND) type starter units. ND combines the starter motor and solenoid to form a single unit. Starter/solenoid units usually come with the same black wrinkle paint as the engine and/or transmission cases. Purchase custom covers in chrome, frequently with embossing or engraving, through Harley-Davidson Motor Company or the aftermarket to dress up and customize the bike; install the covers with basic mechanic’s tools to quickly boost the aesthetics or curb appeal of your bike.


1. Locate the starter unit behind the rear cylinder of the engine, on top of the transmission.

2. Remove the two acorn nuts from the end of the solenoid studs, using a wrench.

3. Slide the solenoid cover onto the solenoid studs. Use caution when handling the cover to avoid damaging the cover or contacting the electrical connections on the solenoid and starter.

4. Install the acorn nuts onto the solenoid studs. Tighten the nuts securely, using a wrench.