Install A Harley Windshield On A Fatboy

Motorcycle windshields can help protect you from the elements.

The Harley-Davidson Fatboy motorcycle does not come standard with a windshield. Adding one can decrease wind fatigue, keep projectiles out of your face and offer some protection from the elements. Through a Harley-Davidson dealer, you can find a Harley brand windshield made specifically for your Fatboy model. Harley windshields are made of Lexan, a durable distortion-resistant material, and can be quickly installed with the kit provided.



1. Purchase the Harley-Davidson windshield kit designed to fit your specific Fatboy model. The exact model number and dimensions required for a windshield are available in your motorcycle’s manual. You can also use a tape measure to obtain the dimensions of your Fatboy’s headlight frame and front panel.

2. Place clean soft rags on the chrome and painted areas on the front panel, front headlights and fuel tank. The screwdriver and windshield kit mountings are otherwise likely to make scratches.

3. Remove the protective covering from the new windshield. Heat up the windshield by placing it above a stove or near a heating unit. This will make the Lexan more flexible and easier to install.


4. Take the bottom windshield assembly jaws and hook them onto the grooves of the rubber bushings. The rubber bushings should be placed on the Fatboy’s lower spotlamp bracket.

5. Take the top windshield assembly jaws and hook them into the grooves of the top rubber bushings.

6. Move the windshield and its connected assembly pieces onto the rubber bushing until it is seated in place. Tighten any remaining screws until the windshield is securely fastened.