Install A Helmet Headset

Helmets are essential when traveling on a motorcycle. Some people love to travel to distant places by motorcycle. Unlike cars, which usually have built-in radios, motorcycles don’t come with a source of music, so long rides can get boring. Installing a headset in a helmet can make traveling more enjoyable as you can have music to listen to.


1. Remove all of the foam padding that is inside the helmet. Cut through the side padding with the utility knife and pull out the padding. Make sure to take the padding off carefully so that it will not be damaged, as it will be used later on.

2. Measure the size of the earplugs of the headset and assess where it will be placed. Take note of where your ears will be once the helmet is on your head so that you will know where to position the earplugs.

3. Cut the foam padding to a size where the earplugs will fit. Cut the foam in the area where your ears will be positioned.

4. Install the wires of the headset inside the helmet using double-sided tape. Arrange the wires so that they will reach to the rear holes that connect to the pocket on the outer portion of the helmet. Make sure that there will be no excess wires.

5. Put the foam padding back inside the helmet. Make sure that the earplugs are secured and can be seen through the holes that you created. Secure the foam padding by tucking it firmly inside the helmet in such a way that your headset wires will also be secured.

6. Plug in the wire to the module of the headset. Turn it on and check if it is working.

7. Slide the module inside the pocket of the helmet. Make sure that it is placed securely so that it will not fall off when you are riding the motorcycle.