Install A Helmet Lock On A Softail

Helmet locks provide a solution to Harley Softail riders for securing and protecting helmets and jackets. A helmet lock installs in a few minutes to save the time and effort of carrying your helmet inside homes and establishments with you. A cable inserts through the helmet and into the keyed lock for attachment to the bike.


1. Insert a screwdriver into a rear seat bolt on the Softail. Turn the screwdriver counterclockwise to loosen the bolt. Pull the bolt straight out to remove it.

2. Slide the bolt through the helmet lock washer. Replace the bolt in the hole and tighten in a clockwise direction with a screwdriver.

3. Insert a key into the helmet lock and turn it while observing from the underside of the lock. Turn the key to unlock it and obtain a square opening in the front of the lock. Leave the key in the lock.

4. Insert the smaller square end of the locking cable through a helmet and through the larger round end. Place the smaller square end in the front square opening in the lock.

5. Slide the lock onto the lock washer from the top while placing the opening to the front side of the washer. Turn the key clockwise and remove it from the lock.