Install A Motor Mount

Motor mounts wear out and can crack, causing vibrations in the engine and inside the vehicle. Learn install a motor mount in your vehicle so you can replace those worn-out parts and get a smoother ride.


1. Park the vehicle on a solid, flat surface. Raise it up and place it securely on the jack stand.

2. Locate the motor mounts on the sides of the engine. Each vehicle is different, but motor mounts are generally on each side of the motor.

3. Begin removing parts that block the motor mounts. Some vehicles may not have any parts in the way and the motor mounts can be removed easily, but others don’t. Remember to remove one motor mount, replace it completely, then remove the second mount.

4. Place all bolts and small parts in a bucket so they won’t get lost. This is helpful for reassembly.

5. Remove the first motor mount and install the new part. Most mounts have a bolt on the underside that can be removed. Repeat with the second motor mount and then install all of the other parts that were removed in the process.