Install A Power Commander On Cbr1000rr

Install a Power Commander on CBR1000RR

Since 1972, Dynojet Research has provided aftermarket kits to enhance the performance of older carburetor-fed motorcycles. Most newer motorcycles, such as Honda’s CBR1000RR, use an electronically-controlled fuel-injection system. To enhance the performance of these electronic super bikes, motorcyclists employ the Dynojet company’s Power Commander, an electronic fuel-injection controller that can fine-tune the fuel-injection system to provide an additional boost in power. Installing the Power Commander is a relatively easy task, but it does require some technical aptitude.


1. Remove the seat by unscrewing the mounting bolts under the seat with a 5mm Allen socket. Once the bolts are removed, pull the seat upward and to the rear of the motorcycle to release the seat front the catch tab on the front of the seat.

2. Remove the gas cap and outer fuel tank cover. The cover is secured by two bolts at the base of the seat and two under the trim at the front of the tank cover.

3. Remove the rear passenger seat and unscrew the two bolts that secure the tail fairing to the frame. Place the Power Commander module in the tail fairing compartment and route the module’s cables through the tail fairing and into the sub-frame below the seat. Replace the tail fairing’s mounting bolts.

4. Remove the fuel tank stop bracket, a black bracket that crosses the sub-frame near the battery, by unscrewing its hex-head mounting bolts. Route the cables to the throttle bodies, located below the air box, and connect the module’s ground cable to the negative (-) terminal post on the battery. Reconnect the fuel tank stop bracket.

5. Grasp the front of the fuel tank and lift it upward. Place a wooden block to support the tank while you access the throttle bodies. Locate the throttle body injectors. There are two sets of injectors–an upper set and a lower set. Remove the wiring harnesses from the lower set of injectors.

6. Install the Power Commander‘s harnesses into the injectors, starting by connecting the module’s orange plug into the injector on the far left. Connect the factory wiring to the Power Commander’s corresponding plugs.

7. Locate the black Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) on the left side of the throttle bodies and disconnect it. Install the Power Commander’s matching plug between the TPS sensor and the factory wiring harness.

8. Lower the fuel tank, then reinstall the outer fuel tank cover, gas cap and seat.