Install A Screamin’ Eagle Fork Brace On The Softail

Fork braces on a Harley Softail reduce front-end vibration.

While Harley-Davidson is often synonymous with quality-built American motorcycles, but for factory direct models, the fork — the metallic part that connects the front wheel to the steering assembly — has a tendency to vibrate at high speeds. While performance isn’t affected, the vibration can be an unwelcome distraction to the driver. The solution is a fork brace, an aftermarket add-on that can be attached to soft-tail Harley-Davidson bikes that will eliminate nuisance vibration.


1. Use an appropriately sized Allen wrench to loosen each of the hexagonal holding bolts on the new fork braces attachment clamp system. Gently pull on the outer part of each clamp to get them open up. Use the Allen wrench again, this time to loosen the clamps on the cross member of the brace.

2. Slide the brace between each of the front wheel’s forks, overtop the front wheel fender, and line up the top of each clamp with the corresponding rubber boot that’s directly underneath it. Pin down the clamps and use the Allen wrench to tighten each bolt a half-turn.

3. Check the alignment of the brace as you continue tightening the clamp bolts additional turns. Stop when the brace is secure, but take care not to over tighten or you’ll risk damaging the brace or scratching the fork. Finish the job by securing the bolt on the cross member. If some vibration is still present when driving, redo the steps to tighten the bolts, if needed.