Install A Screaming Eagle Race Tuner

Harley-Davidson has a proud racing heritage, most evident in the motor company’s continued domination of flat-track racing. Screamin’ Eagle, the high-performance division of Harley-Davidson, offers a race tuner to enhance the capabilities that lay hidden within your chromed steed. Although the actual tuner is easy enough to install, properly recalibrating your bike’s electronic control module and activating the wealth of features offered by the race tuner require a fair amount of technical knowledge and are best left to a factory-trained technician.


Software and EFI Map Setup

1. Install the race tuner software on your computer.

2. Modify your fuel-injection map and settings as desired using the race tuner software.

3. Connect the included 9-pin serial cable (note that newer kits may replace the serial cable with a USB cable that terminates into a female 9-pin connector) to the computer.

Modifying the ECM

4. Turn the motorcycle’s ignition switch to the “Off” position.

5. Remove the right side cover (or seat cover, depending on the model) to access the motorcycle’s data link connector.

6. Connect the 4-pin connector end of the cable included with the kit to the motorcycle’s data link connector. Carefully tighten the thumbscrews.

7. Connect the Race Tuner’s interface module to the 9-pin female end of the motorcycle’s cable. Carefully tighten the thumbscrews.

8. Connect the 9-pin female connector from the computer into the 9-pin male end of the race tuner’s interface module. Carefully tighten the thumbscrews.

9. Turn the ignition switch to the “On” position and wait for the motorcycle to run through its 10-second startup process.

10. Select your modified EFI map, using the race tuner software, and click on “Program ECM.”

11. Allow the software to reprogram your motorcycle’s ECM without interruption. This process can take as long as five minutes, depending on your computer’s processor speed.

12. Turn the ignition switch to the Off position once programming is completed.

13. Disconnect the race tuner’s interface module and cables from the motorcycle.

14. Turn the ignition switch to the On position and wait for the motorcycle to run through its 10-second startup process.

15. Start your motorcycle and test to see whether the modified EFI map has the desired effect. If not, modify the EFI map using the software and reprogram as shown previously.