Install A Sissy Bar On A Dyna Low Rider

Harley Davidson Dyna Low Rider features the classic Harley-Davidson styling with a lower center of gravity. The Low Rider’s seat is only 26 inches off the ground. Combined with mid-mounted foot controls, and highway cruising foot pegs, the low rider gives the bike’s pilot a comfortable posture for short- or long-term motorcycle rides. Harley-Davidson offers a number of customizing options, including stylish selection of padded or chromed sissy bars.


1. Remove the sissy bar and the FXDL side mount kit from the manufacturer’s packaging. Examine the parts, and verify that they are undamaged.

2. Identify the rear fender support bars on either side of the rear wheel fender. These chromed or black gloss steel structural members are fastened to the bike at the top of the rear shock absorber, and extend toward the back of the bike, parallel to the ground.

3. Loosen the bolts on the rear fender support that connect the support to the rear fender, and which fasten onto the rear turn signals. Slide the side mount kit into place between the fender mount support bar and the rear fender on each side of the bike. Tighten these bolts to secure the side mount kit.

4. Attach the sissy bar to the newly installed FXDL side of the mount kit. In most cases no drilling is necessary. The parts are engineered to attach to each other and provide a stable and reliable mount for the Dyna Low Rider Sissy Bar.