Install A Sissy Bar On A Harley Low Rider

Install a Sissy Bar on a Harley Low Rider

Harley-Davidson gives owners the option to fit the FXDL Low Rider models with a passenger backrest or “sissy bar.” Both the factory and aftermarket parts manufacturers produce sissy bar parts for the Low Rider, giving bike owners a variety of options for individually customizing their bikes. Sissy bars provide added comfort and security for the passenger as well as acting as a handy, secure place to strap or bungee cargo. Install sissy bars with a few common tools and basic mechanical skills.


1. Park the bike on solid, level ground. Rest the bike on its jiffy stand.

2. Remove the battery bolt from the negative battery cable terminal on the battery with a 10-mm wrench. Remove the battery negative cable from the battery terminal to prevent accidental engine start-up and possible injury.

3. Remove the fender screws from the strut cover and strut on one side of the fender with a Torx driver and ratchet. Grasp the strut cover on the outside of the strut and the fender mounting bracket on the inside of the fender to hold them in place while you mount the sissy bar sideplate.

4. Apply threadlocker compound to the longer fender screws provided with the sissy bar kit. (Harley-Davidson specifies Loctite Threadlocker #243 (blue) as the threadlocker compound.) Place the sissy bar sideplate in position over the strut cover. Insert the new fender screws into the sideplate, strut cover and strut holes. Torque the fender screws to 12 to18 lb-ft with a torque wrench and Torx driver. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the other side of the fender.

5. Insert the sissy bar upright into the sideplate channels. Apply threadlocker compound to the upright screws unless they are pretreated. Install the sissy bar upright screws and tighten them according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

6. Hold the passenger backrest in position on the upright plate. Install the passenger backrest screw through the plate and into the backrest pad and tighten it securely with a #3 Phillips screwdriver.

7. Ensure that the back side of the upright plate is clean and free of oil. Remove the protective sheet from the upright plate medallion adhesive pad. Center the medallion on the plate and press it firmly into place.

8. Connect the battery negative cable to the battery negative terminal. Install the battery bolt and tighten it securely with a 10-mm wrench.