Install A Sissy Bar On A Sportster

Adding a sissy bar gives the passenger a back rest

A sissy bar is a metal bar on the rear of a motorcycle seat that adds security and a backrest for the rear passenger and helps prevent them from falling off the bike. You can install a sissy bar on a Harley Davidson Sportster.


1. Insert the sissy bar into the side plate mounting bracket. The sissy bar should slide into the mounting bracket and the holes for bolts line up on the inside.

2. Install the four Torx head bolts to secure the sissy bar to the mounting system. Use the appropriate Torx head driver to tighten down the bolts. The size of the Torx head driver will vary by year for the Sportster.

3. Remove the protective tape from the back of the side reflectors and install them on the side of the sissy bar mounting system.

4. Stand behind the Sportster and install the complete sissy bar onto the bike. Place the side plate onto the front docking points. There is a cutout on the front docking point and the side plate should be positioned in the groove.

5. Rotate the locking latches that secure the sissy bar to the bike. Press down firmly and rotate the latches into the locked position. Gently tug on the side panel to make sure the latches are locked.