Install A Sprocket Cover On A Softail Custom

The Harley-Davidson Softail Custom is a big-twin chopper.

The Harley-Davidson Softail Custom is a sleek looking, big-twin chopper with retro lines and a fat rear tire. The rear drive sprocket with its dull finish, however, is frequently the object of customization among owners. There is a nifty, bolt-on cover that can add a chrome finish to an otherwise dull appearance. The length of time to install a sprocket cover on a Softail Custom will vary upon skill level, but will generally take one-and-a-half to two hours to complete.


Remove the Rear Wheel

1. Block the motorcycle with the rear wheel off of the ground.

2. Remove the cotter pin from the rear axle nut with a pair of pliers.

3. Unbolt the rear axle nut with an SAE open-ended wrench. Tap out the axle with a rubber mallet. Set the axle aside in a clean place to avoid contamination with dirt or debris.

4. Allow the rear wheel to slip forward, causing the drive belt to loosen. Slip the belt off of its pulley and drop the tire from within the rear fender.

Install the Sprocket Cover

5. Set the rear tire on a work bench with the sprocket side facing up.

6. Loosen and remove the five bolts securing the sprocket to the wheel with an SAE wrench.

7. Place the sprocket cover in position on the sprocket.

8. Put two drops of thread-locking fluid on the threads of the sprocket bolts just prior to assembly.

9. Install and torque each of the five sprocket bolts to 55 to 65 ft.-lbs. with a torque wrench.

10. Reinstall the rear wheel in reverse order. Torque the rear axle nut down to 60 ft.-lbs.