Install A Sundowner Deep Bucket Seat

A Sundowner Deep Bucket Seat will make your Harley-Davidson easier to ride.

The seat of your motorcycle is one of the most important parts of the bike in determining what your ride is going to be like. As Motorcycle Seat Reviews says, “One of the most annoying aspects of a poorly designed seat is that you can never find a place to settle in for the ride. Accelerate quickly and you’re thrown back, off the controls. Brake and you have to fight the opposite law of physics. It’s tedious, to say the least.” If you are a Harley-Davidson owner, an easy-to-install Sundowner Deep Bucket Seat takes these problems away.


1. Attach the Sundowner grab strap to the deep bucket seat. Put the front hole of the strap on the frontal hook of the seat. Put the two rear holes around the hooks at the base of the seat.

2. Remove the motorcycle’s existing seat following the instructions in the owner’s manual. Pull out the thumbscrew connecting the rear of the seat to the motorcycle body. This is located on the rear fender. Then pull out the front tabs located just under the gas tank and remove the seat.

3. Slide the Sundowner Deep Bucket Seat into the seat position.

4. Push in the front tabs. Push in the rear thumbscrew until it is tightly fastened.

5. Check that the seat is on securely by pulling it upward from the frontal position. It should not move independently of the motorcycle body. If it jiggles check that the tabs and rear screw are securely fastened.