Install A Volar Motorsport Led Resistor

The Volar Motorsport LED is a tail light assembly manufactured by the company with the same name. The Volar LED, which fits most brands of motorcycles, including Honda and Harley Davidson, contains a resistor that essentially powers the light assembly. If the resistor blows, the LED lights will not light. Volar LED lights provide brighter light than standard motorcycle lights. Replacement of the resistor takes approximately 145 minutes and will save the owner from having to buy an entirely new light assembly.


1. Remove the motorcycle negative battery cable with an adjustable wrench.

2. Unscrew the screws holding the tail light assembly in place and then disconnect the electric wiring harness by hand.

3. Unscrew the LED assembly with the screwdriver and remove the cover to access the LED resistor.

4. Heat the soldering iron, melt the soldering connections holding the old LED resistor in place and then remove the piece with needle-nose pliers.

5. Slip the new LED resistor into place and melt fresh solder into place to complete the connection.

6. Put the tail light assembly back together and insert the retaining screws with screwdriver.

7. Plug the tail light assembly back into the plastic wiring harness and then screw it back into place on the back of the motorcycle. Also replace the motorcycle’s negative battery cable with the adjustable wrench.