Install A Vrod Air Filter

V-Rods are Willie G. Davidson’s (pictured here) attempt to modernize Harleys.

Most Harley-Davidsons are powered by technologically primitive engines. Critics call them “de-engineered.” The basic nature of the machines is part of their charm for an aging customer base. The V-Rod is Harley’s modern motorcycle intended to appeal to both younger and traditional customers. The V-Rod was designed to look more traditional than it actually is, so Harley designed its “air box” to look like a gas tank. Older bikers often assume it is the gas tank. The air filter is inside this air box; once you understand what to open and how, changing this filter should take less than five minutes.


1. Stand on the right side of the motorcycle and lift the right side of the seat. After a gentle tug, the seat will pivot up.

2. Turn the retaining ring on the back of the outer air box cover 1/4 turn counterclockwise. The outer air box cover is styled to look like a conventional Harley gas tank. Lift the outer air box cover off the bike and set it aside.

3. Disconnect the intake air temperature sensor at the rear of the inner air box cover by pulling the two halves of the connector apart. The sensor is clearly visible on recent V-Rods. Early V-Rods located this sensor on the engine, and if it is there, you do not need to disconnect it.

4. Unfasten the eight clips that secure the top of the inner air box, using a flathead screwdriver. There is one clip in front of the box, one in back and three on each side of the inner air box.

5. Unscrew the wing nut that holds the air filter in place. Remove the old filter by pulling up, and either reinstall the original after servicing or install a new filter. Drop the new or serviced filter back on the mounting stud and retighten the wing nut.

6. Resecure the inner air box top to the mounting clips. Reconnect the air temperature sensor.

7. Push the outer air box cover back in place. Push down the seat.