Install A Windshield On A Harleydavidson

Installing a windshield will make riding more comfortable.

Many Harley-Davidson motorcycles come without windshields, but installing one will decrease your wind fatigue and keep bugs off your face. When choosing which windshield to install, you may purchase a Harley windshield installation kit designed for your specific model or use a different brand, as long as the specifications fit your particular motorcycle. In addition, it is best to choose a windshield made of a durable and distortion-resistant material, such as Lexan (polycarbonate) or Lucite (acrylic).



1. Make sure your new windshield is mountable on either the headlight frame or handlebars of your Harley. Use a tape measure and write down specifications, such as headlight frame length and diameter and handlebar length and diameter. You can also look in your Harley‘s manual for the ideal windshield specifications or exact model number of your Harley.

2. Prevent scratches to your Harley’s chrome and painted areas by placing drop cloths on the headlights and front fuel tank.

3. Remove the protective covering from your new windshield. Warming up the replacement windshield will make the material more pliant and easier to mount. To do this, place the windshield by a heating unit or above a stove.


4. Decide whether you will attach your windshield to your Harley‘s lower spot lamp or handlebars. Although some universal windshields can be installed on your handlebars, it is more common to place the windshield on the spot lamp.

5. Place the windshield’s bottom assembly jaws onto the rubber brushing grooves situated by the bracket of the spot lamp.

6. Connect both jaws of the top assembly piece to the grooves of the top rubber bushings.

7. Put your new windshield onto the rubber bushings.

8. Use a screwdriver and securely tighten the windshield mount to the Harley’s front panel or headlamp.