Install An Ati Hd 5770 Video Card

The ATI Radeon 5770 is a video card for gamers. Follow the steps to install the hardware and drivers for optimum results.


1. Make sure the computer is off and unplugged. Remove the computer’s side cover and then unscrew and take out the PCI cover plate directly across from the PCI Express slot and also the one below it. The card takes up two slots.

2. Carefully unpack the video card from its box and static bag. Be sure to not touch any contacts.

3. Line up the card with the PCI Express slot and press the card down in the slot. Make sure it is well seated and that the retainer clip (if your board has one) clicks into place. Screw the card down to the case.

4. Hook up the six-pin power connector to the card. Either use your power supply’s six-pin connector if it has one or use the Molex to six-pin adapter that came with the card. Make sure the power plug clicks into place.

5. Turn the computer on and make sure the fan is turning and the computer starts up correctly. Then put the side cover back on. After Windows boots, the display may look funny until the appropriate video drivers are installed. To install the latest drivers, download the latest drivers from the ATI website instead of using the supplied CD from the video card box (sometimes those drivers are outdated).

6. Go to the ATI website ( and fill out the information on the top right of the screen under the “Download Drivers” section. Click “View Results.” Then download the Catalyst Suite on the next page. Save the installation file to your hard drive and then open it when it has finished downloading.

7. If the User Account Control appears, click “Yes.”

8. On the next window, check the components you want to install. Make sure the checkbox next to “ATI Catalyst Driver” is checked. Then click “Next.”

9. Click “Install.” On the next screen, select your language and click “Next.”

10. Click “Install” and then choose “Express” on the next screen and click “Next.” After reading the conditions of usage, click “Accept” on the next window. The drivers will subsequently install.

11. Restart your computer.