Install An Ati Radeon Hd 3200 Driver

ATI’s Radeon HD 3200 notebook graphics card provides the processing power needed for games and video playback. However, as with most components within your notebook, the HD 3200 also needs drivers in order to function properly. Drivers allow the card to properly communicate with the other components of your computer. ATI’s support site will let you download the most updated version of the 3200’s drivers.


1. Go to ATI’s support page in your Internet browser.

2. Use the bottom pull-down menu to choose your computer’s operating system. This will bring up search results in the tab labelled “Drivers & Downloads.”

3. Click the link in the search results to go to the download page. Press “Download” to begin downloading the driver’s installation package.

4. Wait until the file is finished downloading. Navigate to the folder where your Internet browser keeps downloaded files to locate the installation package.

5. Double-click the file to begin the automated installation wizard. Follow the onscreen prompts to progress through the installation process until the computer reboots. Once the computer returns to the desktop, your Radeon 3200 HD’s drivers will be properly installed.