Install An Easy Clutch On A Harley

The clutch lever is on the left handlebar.

There are two popular accessories that reduce the grip strength needed to squeeze a Harley clutch lever. Harley-Davidson sells a “reduced effort clutch” kit and White Brothers sells its “Easy Boy Lite Clutch.” The Easy Boy Lite Clutch is much easier to install than the Harley kit because there is less to it. While the Harley kit replaces a clutch spring and two ramps in the transmission, the Easy Boy device provides a mechanical advantage by lengthening the leverage on the transmission inner ramp. Many riders get the two products confused. “Easy clutch ” usually refers to the White Brothers accessory.


1. Loosen the transmission drain plug with a socket wrench and hex socket and drain the transmission fluid into a pan.

2. Access the clutch cable adjuster nut assembly under the black rubber boot in the middle of the clutch cable. Completely loosen the long lock nut and the smaller clutch adjustment nut with open end wrenches.

3. Remove the six bolts that fasten the transmission cover to the transmission with an Allen socket and socket wrench. Remove the cover and gasket.

4. Remove the C-clip that retains the ball/ramp mechanism with snap ring pliers. Lift out the ramp, cable coupling and three ball bearings. Disconnect the coupling from the clutch cable.

5. Unscrew the clutch cable from the transmission cover. Remove the clutch cable O-ring from the transmission cover.

6. Attach the “Easy Boy Lite Clutch” arm to the original equipment inner ramp with the bolt and hex nut included in the kit. Tighten the bolt to 10 to 12 foot-pounds of torque with a hex socket and torque wrench.

7. Slide the spacer included with the kit onto the end of the clutch cable. Re-install the O-ring and screw the end of the clutch cable into the transmission cover.

8. Hook the cable coupler to the clutch cable. Attach the coupler to the clutch arm bolted to the inner ramp. Re-install the inner and outer ramps and the three ball bearings, and replace the C-clip with snap ring pliers.

9. Install a new transmission cover gasket. Replace the transmission cover and tighten the six screws to 96 foot-pounds of torque with an Allen socket and torque wrench.

10. Replace the transmission drain plug and tighten the plug with a socket wrench and hex socket. Refill the transmission with approximately 20 fluid ounces of transmission fluid, or the amount specified in the owner’s manual for your motorcycle.

11. Tighten the clutch cable adjusting nut with an open end wrench. Leave less than 1/8-inch free play in the clutch lever.

12. Tighten the lock nut with another open end wrench. Replace the clutch adjustment nut assembly’s rubber boot.