Install An Easy Pull Clutch Kit On A Harley

Enjoy the ride more with an easy clutch.

Squeezing the clutch lever on a Harley-Davidson that was built prior to 2006 can be a chore, especially if the rider is in a lot of traffic or has a weak left hand. The reduced-effort clutch kit, also known as the “Easy Clutch,” is an inexpensive solution. To complete this project, you should have the tools and knowledge for basic maintenance on your motorcycle.


Replacing the Diaphragm Spring

1. Put the motorcycle on a lift and raise the bike so you have comfortable access to the primary drive.

2. Remove the clutch cover, which is the largest of the covers on the primary drive.

3. Remove the six bolts that are holding the diaphragm spring retainer in place using a 10 mm wrench. Remove the spring retainer.

4. Remove the diaphragm spring, which is the large round piece with a star-shaped cut-out in the middle. This may require a little squeezing to get it through the clutch cover opening.

5. Replace the old diaphragm spring with the new one from the kit.

6. Replace the diaphragm spring retainer and bolts, using the torque wrench to tighten the bolts between 90 to 100 foot-pounds.

7. Replace the clutch cover gasket and derby cover, using the torque wrench to tighten the bolts between 84 to 108 inch-pounds.

Removing the Exhaust

8. Use a 1/2-inch socket or wrench to loosen the nuts that hold the header pipe onto the cylinder head exhaust studs.

9. Remove the bracket that secures the mufflers to the frame by removing the 1/2-inch nuts.

10. Pull the exhaust system off the motorcycle.

Replacing the Inner and Outer Ramps

11. Remove the transmission filler plug and transmission drain plug and drain the transmission fluid into an oil drain pan. Replace the O-ring on the transmission drain plug and put the plug back into the transmission, using a torque wrench to tighten the plug to 14 to 21 foot-pounds.

12. Remove the six Torx screws on the transmission clutch release cover with a Torx driver and remove the cover.

13. Verify the position of the snap ring and note how it fits into the cover. Use the snap ring pliers to remove the ring. Note the positions of the inner and outer ramps, then remove the ramps and the balls.

14. Replace the inner and outer ramps with the new parts from the kit, and reuse the balls that were removed in the previous step. Make sure the tab is in the correct place and the cable end is in the ramp coupling. Put the snap ring back in to hold the ramps in place.

15. Install a new gasket and bolt the clutch release cover back on using a torque wrench. The proper torque for these bolts is between 84 and 108 inch-pounds.

16. Refill the transmission to the proper level indicated on the transmission dipstick with new transmission fluid. Replace the dipstick.

Finishing Up

17.Replace the exhaust by first attaching the headers to the cylinder head exhaust stud with the 1/2-inch nuts. Tighten the nuts to 60 to 80 inch-pounds using a torque wrench.

18. Tighten the nuts on the bracket that hold the mufflers to the frame between 30 to 33 foot-pounds using a torque wrench.

19. Lower the lift.