Install An Exhaust On A Harley

Harley-Davidson motorcycles have a distinct engine and exhaust configuration, which provides the signature “Harley Rumble” prized by so many riders around the world. However, often as not, this signature sound is the result of tinkering and customizing by the owner or the addition of aftermarket parts by a Harley dealer. You can get this classic sound by installing a new exhaust on your Harley right at home, rather than having a dealer or service center do the job for you.


1. Set your motorcycle on its kickstand and observe the way your exhaust is attached. Each Harley model is a little different in this regard, but most are attached at both cylinder heads and at a single exhaust mount to the rear of the bike. Refer to your owner’s manual for any installation discrepancies related to your model.

2. Remove the cylinder-head exhaust mount nuts using a socket wrench and socket extension. Slide the exhaust gaskets out of their mounts on the cylinder head.

3. Remove any rear exhaust mounting nuts with a socket wrench. Slide the exhaust off the mounting bolts and remove the exhaust pipes from the motorcycle. Slide the cylinder-head exhaust gaskets off the exhaust for use with the new pipes.

4. Slide the cylinder-head exhaust gaskets onto the new exhaust pipes. Set the new pipes in place on the rear mounting bolts. Reinstall and tighten the rear mounting nuts to hold the back end of the exhaust securely in place.

5. Slide the cylinder-head exhaust gaskets into place on the cylinder head. Reinstall and tighten the cylinder-head mounting nuts using a socket wrench and extension. Check to be sure that everything is in place and that all nuts are securely tightened. Start up your bike and have a listen to your new exhaust tone.